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1.0MP Outdoor Wi-Fi set IP-21<br>4xCAM + 1xNVR
Partizan 1.0MP Outdoor Wi-Fi set IP-21
4xCAM + 1xNVR
Without VAT: €160.00
2.0MP Indoor set IP-36<br>4xCAM + 1xNVR
Partizan 2.0MP Indoor set IP-36
4xCAM + 1xNVR
Without VAT: €273.60
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4.0MP Outdoor set AHD-120<br>4xCAM + 1xDVR
Partizan 4.0MP Outdoor set AHD-120
4xCAM + 1xDVR
Without VAT: €224.20
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5.0MP Indoor set IP-34<br>4xCAM + 1xNVR
Partizan 5.0MP Indoor set IP-34
4xCAM + 1xNVR
Without VAT: €315.00
On sale
5.0MP Outdoor set IP-43<br>4xCAM + 1xNVR
Partizan 5.0MP Outdoor set IP-43
4xCAM + 1xNVR
Without VAT: €317.80
8.0MP (4K) Indoor set IP-41<br>4xCAM + 1xNVR
Partizan 8.0MP (4K) Indoor set IP-41
4xCAM + 1xNVR
Without VAT: €598.50

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