One channel superheterodyne wireless set U1HS

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The U1HS set consists of two single button keyfob transmitters UMB100HT and one receiver U1HR. The receiver features excellent sensitivity and selectivity and complies with latest EU relevant standards concerning SRD (Short Range Devices) of remote control products. It features a set of useful functions, such as

Receiver’s 4 operating modes

  1. Key fob button sets on output for programmed time lapse. Next use of the same button, while the output is set on, prolongs time lapse
  2. Key fob button alternately sets receiver output on and off
  3. Receiver output is set on for as long as key fob button is pressed
  4. One key fob button sets output on while other button sets output off. This mode requires at least 2 button key fob transmitter
Dynamic code system:
KEELOQ® of Microchip Corp. USA
Operating frequency:
433,92 MHz
Receiver type:
Receiver memory capacity:
112 keyfobs
Number of channels/relay outputs:
Average operating distance:
up to 150 m in open field
Power supply:
12VDC (not included)
Operating temperature:
-20 – +55 °C
73x46x24 mm
Additional advantages:

– Output Relay Ratings: 1A, 120VAC/30VDC
– ON/OFF (bistable output mode)
– Automatic OFF after programmed time (monostable output mode timing: from 0,25s up to 4 hrs)
– Current consumption 12 mA + 28 mA relay set on
– Signal output S (1A/60V max.) OC type,
– Sabotage alarm terminal NC type (at box closed)

Download Datasheet U1HS
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