Myers 7" Videophone M-75SD Silver HD Metal €139.15
Without VAT: €115.00
Myers 7" Videophone M-75SD Touch Plastic White €119.79
Without VAT: €99.00
Biometric reader and controller<br>PAB-FC2
Partizan Biometric reader and controller
Without VAT: €90.00
Contactless Proximity Card PPC-E1
Partizan Contactless Proximity Card PPC-E1 €0.44
Without VAT: €0.36
Contactless Proximity Card PPC-E2
Partizan Contactless Proximity Card PPC-E2 €0.46
Without VAT: €0.38
Exit button PEB-2M
Partizan Exit button PEB-2M €18.15
Without VAT: €15.00
Exit button<br>PEB-3M
Partizan Exit button
Without VAT: €10.00
Outdoor reader PAR-E10<br>(Em Marine)
Partizan Outdoor reader PAR-E10
(Em Marine)
Without VAT: €56.00
Reader  PAR-M6 Black<br>(Mifare)
Partizan Reader PAR-M6 Black
Without VAT: €26.00
Reader PAR-E12 Black<br>(Em Marine)
Partizan Reader PAR-E12 Black
(Em Marine)
Without VAT: €30.00
Reader PAR-E8 Gray<br>(Em Marine)
Partizan Reader PAR-E8 Gray
(Em Marine)
Without VAT: €15.00
RFID key tag blue
Partizan RFID key tag blue €1.45
Without VAT: €1.20
USB reader PAR-E1<br>(Em Marine)
Partizan USB reader PAR-E1
(Em Marine)
Without VAT: €34.00
Video calling panel<br>D-300C HD
Myers Video calling panel
D-300C HD
Without VAT: €48.00