To ensure the video surveillance in different premises such as flats, bars, restaurants or offices it is better to use cameras which do not clutter up the interior or come into notice. Especially for such purposes, you may use small models of cameras in cubic housing, which have all functions and advantages of more “adult” cameras.

An example of such camera is a new Partizan IPC-1SP-IR model with support for Partizan Cloud CCTV Storage proprietary technology available directly from the box. The main advantage of this camera over the competitors is a rather modest price, an abundant packaging arrangement, and presence of all necessary functions for video shooting in low light conditions or in full darkness.

We should start with the updated packaging: the camera box is made in white and blue color scheme and has a plastic handle for carrying. The box contains main information about the camera in several languages, pictograms of the supported functions and technologies, a quick connection scheme to Cloud CCRV Storage and a sticker with a marking and list of brief technical model characteristics.

The box is not large but it contains a great amount of necessary equipment. A standard packaging includes:

- an IPC-1SP-IR camera

- a brochure with the instruction on quick connection to Partizan Cloud service

- a power cord (patch-cord) for connecting the camera to a router, 2.5 m long

- a standard mounting kit of dowels and screws and also a terminal block for alarm input/output

- 5-volt 2A power supply is a wonderful solution that allows you to avoid buying a power source

- a metal bracket for easy and convenient fixing to a ceiling or a wall with the possibility of manual adjustment of the inclination angle or the swivel of the camera

The packaging allows you to start using the device immediately without buying the additional equipment or crimping the network cable.

The housing of the camera is made in white color with black inserts and it also has a protruded block of optics and infrared illumination. It is made of plastic but it is common for indoor surveillance video cameras as they are not designed for a serious temperature drop or confrontation with vandals.

Under the housing, there is 1/4″ OmniVision matrix with a resolution of 1280х720 pixels (1 Mp) and a recording rate of 25 frames per second. The model supports a multi-streaming video – the main stream has a resolution of 1 Mp, the additional one – 704х576 pixels, it is necessary for video images broadcasting on portable devices in slow Internet connection conditions. There is also the possibility of fine adjustment of the recorded video bit rate in 6 levels (from the minimum to the best), as well as the choice of a constant or variable bit rate.

The optical system of the video camera is based on a wide-angle 2.8 mm lens with the viewing angles of 59° horizontally and 40° vertically. The lens mount to the matrix module is versatile – М12, an aperture is – 1.4. The light sensitivity of the video camera is sufficient; the minimum amount of light in the color mode of video shooting should be 0.5 lux, and in black and white mode - 0.08 lux. The transitions between color and black and white modes may be controlled automatically and manually.

The infrared illumination, consisting of 11 LEDs and lighting sensor, is designed for video shooting in the low light conditions. The range of IR illumination is about 10 meters, which is enough for small premises. The activation of IR LED and IR-filter is performed automatically under the conditions of insufficient light.
Among the responsible for video processing functions you can find the technologies of exposure compensation, the automatic white color balance (depending on the source of light), the privacy masks, on-screen menu and others. These functions allow you to adjust the quality of video image and fit it to the light used on the object.

If we talk about network functions, the camera is adjusted to work in the cloud, but other network technologies are also available – NiP, DDNS, IPFilter, E-mail, NTP, UPNP, FTP, and RTSP. The design includes a network cable connection using the RJ-45 port and a connection using wireless Wi-Fi technology, for these purposes the camera has a built-in antenna intended for work from a signal source at short distances.

The communicative interfaces of the Partizan IPC-1SP-IR model are represented by a wide range of ports:
- a network LAN-port for network connection
- a built-in microphone and speaker
- an audio output
- an alarm input and output for additional security equipment connection
- a connector for a packaged power supply

It is a really large list of interfaces for a camera of this class and price segment, most points of this list are often used only in the models of a higher level. All ports are competently placed in the housing and should not interfere with each other during the operation of the camera.

The dimensions of the model are small – only 92х52х36 mm and the weight is only 90 gr. The dimensions and weight allow you to install the video camera on any surface, and a small housing and neutral color will not stand out against a light background and attract needless attention. The operating temperature is from +10 to +50°С; it is not recommended to use the device at higher or lower temperatures and on the premises with very humid conditions. The housing has a nominal degree of protection IP44 and prevents the penetration of small objects and water splashes.

Summarizing the review of the video camera, we should note the main advantages of the model: a low cost, a sufficient set of communication interfaces, an alarm support, a built-in microphone and full packaging arrangement. The only point to be in doubt is the resolution of the video camera; however, one megapixel may be not enough today. But it is quite enough for everyday tasks for video shooting in a flat, bar, restaurant, café or office if there is no need to fix particularly small items or objects, especially for the price it is sold.

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