Fifty Partizan cameras help keeping order in one of Bangladesh government offices



The objectives

The Ministry of Environment of Bangladesh required a modern security system for one of its offices. The Ministry was founded more than 30 years ago as the country started to encounter apparent ecological problems. Since that time, about a dozen offices were opened in different regions of the country, and for their coordination it was decided to open an administrative center in the capital and the largest city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. The center was to be located in a 15-story building, which had to be equipped with video surveillance cameras.

Project specifics

The Ministry held a tender for the security system installation services. You may already know from your own experience that a government agency is an extremely picky and highly demanding customer. The installing contractor took into account all their wishes and specific features of the object and offered the best solution by quality-price ratio. As a result, a security project from Endeavour Technologies Ltd based on Partizan equipment had won the competition.

The solution

For video surveillance system, outdoor cameras with 5.0 MP resolution were selected. The model is an optimal choice for outdoor surveillance during any time of day and night. 5.0 MP sensors from American manufacturer OmniVision plus IR-illumination with effective range up to 30 meters allow for quality image of the area in sunlight as well as in the dark.

A PRO-series 64-channel digital video recorder NVH-6452 is used for video storage. The model can hold 8 hard drives up to 10Tbytes each and has RAID support, which guarantees fail-safe video recording. H.265 codec provides efficient compression for high resolution videos without perceivable quality loss, saving hard drive space considerably.

As it was one of the first major joint projects for Endeavour Technologies and Partizan Security, the contractors had to turn to us for technical support quite a few times. Notwithstanding a considerable time difference, they were receiving answers to their requests in the most timely manner possible. At the project’s final stage, the engineers of the two companies conducted a cooperative launch of the system and had configured it in accordance with all of the client’s requirements.

Project results

One more of the Ministry of Environment offices is fitted with a modern and reliable video surveillance system. Fifty Partizan cameras help the security department keep order in the building.
As for our partners, Endeavour Technologies, they continue winning tenders for security systems’ installation by offering highly dependable solutions which use the latest technologies and are based on Partizan Security equipment.

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