Partizan cameras keep Duty Free zone of the Egypt main airport secure

Specially for this project, Partizan Security engineers designed video cameras in a fine high-strength body and with special armoured glass.




Cairo International Airport Office (Egypt) announced a tender for the installation of a video surveillance system in five Duty Free stores and in the adjoining office building. The total area of the Duty Free Shop network at Cairo’s main airport is 4,000 sq.m. According to the results of the competition, a solution based on Partizan equipment won. The Egyptian company, the system integrator DVS Egypt, which has been a partner of Partizan Security for many years was to implement the project.

Special features

It is not that simple to secure an international airport because of the large area of the facility, the numerous staff and round-the-clock traffic of air passengers. Tens of thousands of new people come to such a site daily. That is why the requirements to security systems are very high.

Cairo Airport is the largest airport in the country and the busiest one in terms of passenger traffic. It serves more than 13 million people annually. Due to the heavy workload of Duty Free stores in the daytime, Partizan cameras were installed at night, which affected the time of the project implementation.

Another specificity of the project was that the customer had special requirements for the equipment. Video cameras had to be vandal-resistant, barely visible on the ceiling and with quick dismantling protection. Moreover, the camera lens had to be protected by high-strength shockproof glass.


Specially for this project and according to the customer’s requirements, Partizan Security engineers in a very short time designed video cameras in a fine high-strength body and with special armoured glass. These unique models were used for the first time. The level of protection and elegant design fully met the requirements of the customer.

During the project, 90 IP cameras 2MP Full HD with a professional Sony Exmor sensor were installed in five Duty Free stores and in the office building of the airport. To record video that must be stored for two months, we used 32-channel video recorders Partizan NVH-3252 Pro with 16 hard disks and RAID support for guaranteed and trouble-free recording. Due to the peculiarities of installation (at night, with a minimum “inflow” of customers), the project lasted for 2 months.

Project deliverable

The customer, the Cairo International Airport Office, remained satisfied with the rendered work. According to the approved schedule, the Partizan effective video surveillance system was installed and configured. Due to the enhanced protection and excellent image quality from IP cameras, as well as the capabilities and functions of a professional series of video recorders, the customer is now able to neutralize threats and resolve conflict situations.

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