Partizan video surveillance system guards the construction site of the Carlsberg Business Centre


A large customer, Carlsberg Corporation, needed a simple yet effective video surveillance system to secure a construction site in Copenhagen. The security objective was to monitor the construction site at night and to detect unauthorized intrusion on hazardous sites providing timely alert. The area of the construction site was 76,000 sq.m.

The new residential and office premises were located on the territory of the former Carlsberg factory. Moreover, the customer’s budget was limited. After contacting the integrator and studying customer requirements, it was offered to set a system based on Partizan brand equipment.

However, the customer had some additional requirements. It had to be a smart security system with high resolution cameras and no specialized IT team support.


High-resolution street cameras with varifocal lenses were installed on the construction site territory. 2.0MP IP Varifocal camera IPS-220X-IR and 5.0MP IP Varifocal camera IPO-VF5MP SE AF were used.

Partizan IPS-220X-IR is a robotic multifunctional camera for operating in production environment. The device is equipped with a 1/2.8″ Full HD Sony Starvis sensor and 20x optical zoom, which allows to get the maximum details of the image at a distance of 5 m to 1,000 m. Its technical features include nighttime overview of up to 200 m, patrolling at specified points around its axis, remote adjustment of viewing angle, automatic sharpening, horizontal and vertical camera control. Those parameters completely met the requirements of the project.



Another stationary camera supported a powerful infrared illumination system allowing night surveillance at a range of up to 40 m. Besides, the built-in PoE technology solved the energy supply problem, as there were no power lines in some areas of the construction site.

Special features

The project objective required to select 6 hazardous zones and assign “Motion detection” and “Perimeter breach” smart modes to them. A controlled PTZ camera was installed in each area among several fixed cameras. During detecting motion outside of working hours, fixed cameras recorded the alert and transmitted it to a video recorder. Then the recorder launched an alert tour of the PTZ camera to the specified points. The cameras were installed quickly.

However, there was another problem. It turned out that there were occasional power cuts on the construction site, which is rather common issue for this type of premises. That’s why Partizan team had to improve the firmware for automatic reboot of the system and return PTZ cameras to the working tour. Mention should be made that no one has ever managed to implement a similar function with cameras from other manufacturers before.

Project deliverable

Despite a limited budget, the customer received a simple and effective video surveillance system with smart functions thanks to Partizan equipment. A week after the system was installed, a car and a group of people who drove to the construction site without permission and tried to enter the construction materials storage area were detained.

Representatives of Carlsberg in Denmark were satisfied with the result and are ready for further cooperation with Partizan when the construction of the Carlsberg Byen Business Centre in 2022 will be completed.

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