The new year’s innovative solution from Partizan!


Our development team has prepared a gift for you 🙂

While most people still enjoy their holidays, we are ready to present a great release – a revolutionary update to Partizan Device Manager 2.0 for Android!

This is the first and only application for video surveillance, which allows you to view the archive of the DVR in a synchronized quadrant!

Several cameras. Simultaneously. Synchronously.

It means that you can see everything that happened in front of different cameras at the same time.

None of mobile video surveillance application had such a feature until now!

This functionality is demanding to device resources, but a very simple tablet or smartphone will deal with simultaneous viewing of 4 cameras archive.

The iOS users also will have some nice news from Partizan. Our team is working on a lot of improvements at the moment.

Stay tuned 🙂

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